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Links for podcasts will live here. When the final site is finished, each episode will get it's own page with links and a transcript of the segments.

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Speaking Of News is an organization with a simple mission: quality content and no ads. Help us found this community by subscribing to our weekly newsletter. We will only send you one email a week, and, of course, we will never sell your information to anyone.

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Our website will include a fully-featured blog, with content produced by multiple authors, with no ads. Read on to learn more about our mission here at Speaking of News.

Quality Content, No Ads

Our Mission

Speaking Of News is a non-profit news and commentary organization devoted to providing quality content with no ads. No ads means we get to say and write whatever we want to, and you can feel secure knowing that when we say something, we aren't getting paid to say it.

Regular podcasts, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons. New articles and commentary posted every day (when the full site is live).

No ads disguised as 'sponsored content' and commentary from our own beliefs, not those of our corporate overlords (cause we don't have any).

We value transparency. Our full website will be open about our funding levels and will have a roadmap of upcoming site features.

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Membership: How We Avoid Ads

Obviously, if Speaking of News is not going to make money from ads, it needs to make money from somewhere. In our opinion, the news ought to be funded by its readers. That way we are only responsible to you and can deliver quality news and commentary with no conflict of interest.

Membership will activate when the full site is live, and we will begin an initial crowd-funding style push around that time; this is when we will begin offering membership. I'll post more info here soon. For now, sign up for updates to learn when membership plans become available.

Your membership contributions will go towards paying writers to write for the site (because we believe writers deserve to get paid for their work, rather than other sites that only pay their writers with "publicity" aka nothing), advertising the site, and necessary costs of hosting the site.